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Once upon a time, there were four girls posting book reviews on a little corner of the Instagram world called Bookstagram. One day, they all joined the same book club in New York City and started to become friends in real life! They continued their book club meetings late into the night; bar-hopping and singing show tune karaoke. When other friends asked what was up with their wild book club, they started referring to themselves as the Sex and the City of book clubs. It was then that they decided they'd start a podcast to share their friendship and love of books with the world. That is when Books and the City was born. Every week the girls get together with a glass of wine and share a recent read spoiler-free. Listeners end each episode with four new book recommendations (and four new friends!)


Launched in March 2020, the girls have since grown the podcast to thousands of followers and subscribers, interviewed major authors, and hosted Instagram live interviews. Their dream is to one day be cool enough to host a live podcast taping at one of their favorite bookstores.

A Note On Our Illustrations

Fellow book nerd and forever friend of the pod, Nicole Zollos (aka @niczollos) is the talent behind the beautiful illustrations you see throughout our website and on each episode graphic. The girls of Books and the City are forever grateful for the time and effort Nicole puts into Books and the City. She is as much a member of the podcast as the hosts.

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